Hermit Crab Names

Red Hermit Crab ShellOnce you’ve gotten a hermit crab, it’s important to name your new pet, to help them feel like part of the family. If you have gotten a crab for one of your children, letting them name it can help reinforce the idea that it is their responsibility to take care of this living thing. Listed below is a list of names to help you get started naming your hermit crab.


Check back on the site soon, we’re working on getting a hermit crab name generator put together so that you can come up with even more cool names for your new pet!

Clippers               Shelly (or Shellie)

Crabby-Chan               Sandy

Senor Shell          Pinchy

Pinchers               Scuttle

Sebastian             Hermie

Hermes                 Jaws

Crabby                  Coconut

George                  Walter

Scurry                   Crusty (or Krusty) as in Crustacean

Bugsy                     Nommer

Pinchers McGee

Mr. Krabbs          Seaweed

Shuffles                 Sir Shell

Legs                        Smiley

Waves                    King Crab

Itsy                         Bitsy

Krabby                  Slowbro

Kinglord                Kani (Japanese word for crab)

Crabber (or Crabbers)

Gigantor                Bubbles

Edward Scissorclaws

Surf                          Cali

Creepy                    Blinky



We’re currently working hard on getting a hermit crab name generator built so that you can quickly and easily come up with a name for your pet hermit crab. Check back in the upcoming weeks and be one of the first to use it!


Last updated: August 23, 2012 at 22:07 pm
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